Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What is Health Insurance?

What is health insurance and why do I need it? Health insurance protects you and your children from the physical hardships resulting from medical expenses at specific times of others which infected or sick. There are four types of health insurance, you may need only one of them, or you need a combination of them in order to ensure the maximum insurance coverage as much as possible. It is best to evaluate each type of insurance so you get the exact value for the best type meets your needs.
And personal medical coverage designed for people who do not receive this type of coverage through their work or the head of the family. And medical insurance supplement designed for seniors who benefit from medical care, and they want to cover the additional expenses that are not covered by medical care.
The hospital income insurance is designed to reinforce the health insurance program. This coverage supplied a prior daily benefit amount for expenses that arise due to prolong the length of stay in the hospital for the treatment of illness or injury.
The fourth type of health insurance coverage is disability insurance, which comes in three different forms. And disability insurance protects you in case you become physically or mentally incapacitated due to an accident or illness. This type of insurance is designed to provide you with living expenses if a disability منعتك work and earn a living.
Health insurance and uses a basic income deficit for compensatory plan or as an enhancement for the continuation of income or total disability plan. This plan is designed to keep you in the case of safety during economic hard times and through the payment of monthly wages directly to you when you lose the ability to work. The mortgage insurance is designed to protect your most cherished property; namely your home. This particular policy is providing money to an interview that you abide by mortgage expenses if you become incapacitated college. And personal disability insurance will help you to pay the loan payments in equal monthly adjustments. In the event that you become unable to college, this plan will help you make payments on your behalf directly to the financial institution.
There are many things that should be put into consideration when considering any type of insurance is more beneficial for you, and what is the size of the coverage that you need really. If you are working and receive insurance through an employer, check the real amount of coverage that is available to you in terms of health care. Then ask yourself this series of questions:
Do you cover the previous cases exist, and genetic conditions, chronic, or life-threatening situations? Does covers accidents that occur within the workplace? How will give you a maximum of money for this insurance? You will cover the cost of organ transplants or long-term care? What about the members of the family, how much coverage they will provide this insurance? Then think of your lifestyle. Do you drink alcohol or smoke? Did you inherited high blood pressure?
Are you facing diabetes, or heart or cardiac arrest? (Life insurance) Are you prone to accidents or you risk doing is important? (In cases of accident insurance) Do you work until late hours and drive a long distance to and from work? Are you the main breadwinner, and if this is the case, how bills will be paid if out of work due to unexpected disability due to an accident? Keep in mind all these things, and then you ask yourself and your family safe enough.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No April Blogging Topics This Month? April Fools!

Of course we have blogging topics to share with you for the month of April! Have we Insurance Bloggers ever let you down before? This month, we have 10 new topics for you to tackle. Keeping up with your blogging strategy is important for a couple reasons:
  1. It keeps content fresh on your website.
  2. It will keep readers coming back for more!
If next month begins to bring April showers, do not feel too bad. Turn a rainy day into a blogging day! You can start with these topics:
#1: April Fools is coming quickly! Why not come up with a few crazy April Fool pranks and post them?
#2: The second week of April is National Garden Week! Have fun with a gardening post, with tips, tricks and advice. A fun post will always improve your blog.
#3: April is Stress Awareness Month. You can write up a post about the harmful health effects of too much stress, provide tips on how to lower stress, etc. This can easily be linked to health or even life insurance.
#4: Does your agency sell insurance for watercrafts, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs and the likes? Now is a great time to post about safety, state regulations and other tips and advice. You should also remind readers to update their policy (or purchase one!) Spring toys are coming out to play sooner than later!
#5: Spring cleaning, anyone? There is a lot that one could write about in terms of spring cleaning, from organizational tips to throwing a successful yard sale. If you want to focus more on insurance for this, you can incorporate liability into a yard sale post or you could remind homeowners to update their home inventory lists as they clean.
#6: April 6th is National Drowsy Driver Awareness Day – great for auto insurance posts. This is an alarming issue out on the road!
#7: The IRS Tax filing deadline is April 15, 2013. You may want to remind your readers a little early and even offer a few money-saving tips and tricks.
#8: Looking for a fun, recipe post? It’s National Pecan Month. I think you know where we are going with this!
#9: Earth Day is Monday, April 22. Promote local events, efforts and tips on your blog.
#10: Many motorcyclists may be dusting off their bikes for spring weather ahead. Now would be a good time to post about motorcycle safety, rules and regulations, local courses, local routes, etc. Motorcycle insurance for riders is the car insurance for drivers – necessary!
I hope that you have found these topics helpful, as always. If you have any ideas to add, feel free to do so in the comment section. Both myself and our viewers will appreciate the extra feedback!

What Kind of Insurance Agency do You Want to Run?

As an insurance leader, you always want to be proud of the work you do. The success of your company will be based on the effort you put in, the team you have behind you, and the community you support. How can you run the insurance agency of your dreams? By designing a culture everyone can prosper in and connecting with your customers on an authentic level.

Providing insurance products to a local community isn’t always easy. You need to understand their perspective and cater to their specific requirements. Establishing a strong insurance marketing strategy is a good place to start, but you must also have a team of dedicated, hard working professionals. Thinking about what you want in an employee can help you determine the type of agency you want to create:
  • Think about the type of person you want to hire.
  • Create a checklist of your perfect employee.
  • Hire someone with confidence, understanding of the industry and how it is changing, and has the same organizational goals as you.
  • After hiring a person, help them succeed through personal growth.
Once you have quality employees in your office, your next task is to gain quality customers. Here are some ways you can build a positive reputation and keep it:
  • As you gain clientele, honor the promises you make on the products you offer them. This way, you can build a community based on reliability.
  • If you make a mistake, own up to it. By solving the problem quickly, you can remain honest and trustworthy to your customers.
  • Be thoughtful to your employees and customers. You can not only gain their appreciation, but respect as well, which is important when running a local insurance agency.
  • When customers have questions, they expect you to answer them in a timely manner. Stay on top of your customer service so you can satisfy and meet their needs when something unexpected occurs.
Hopefully these tips get your excited about running a local insurance agency you can be proud of! Actively communicating with your customers and engaging your employees will help create an environment based on trust. Doing this all on your own is not the answer. Having supporters who appreciate your hard work and rely on your honest services is the way to reach the success you want to achieve.

“Spring” Into Social Media This Season!

Since we have already covered April blogging topics, it is time to spring into social media posting. Are you keeping up with your social media strategy? We sure hope so. As long as you keep up with your social efforts, we will keep on cranking out ideas for you!
Here are 15 social media posts for the month of April:
  1. TODAY is April Fools! Time to trick your fans and followers – just remember to say APRIL FOOLS!
  2. April is National Humor Month – it wouldn’t hurt to crack a few jokes every once in a while to make your viewers chuckle.
  3. Have you been blogging this month? ALWAYS REMEMBER to blast the link to your blog posts out on your Facebook and Twitter pages. This will drive viewers to your website.
  4. April is Lawn and Garden Month – tips anyone?
  5. April 7th is World Health Day. Post a fun health fact or motivation health quote. Example: “Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.” –Norman R. Augustine
  6. April is also Stress Awareness Month. CALL TO ACTION: What do you do to de-stress?
  7. CALL TO ACTION: Do you have spring fever?
  8. Remind followers and fans that Tax Day is Monday, April 15th. Some may thank you for this reminder!
  9. April 10th is Golfer’s Day. Post about a local golf course for all your fans who enjoy a good game of golf.
  10. Recognize Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd. You can post about local events and activities to get the community involved.
  11. Popular spring insurance policies to promote: motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, watercraft insurance, off-road vehicle insurance, etc.
  12. In light of April being National Pecan Month, post a recipe!
  13. Remind fans and followers to check in on their insurance policies – this can be a part of their “spring cleaning” strategy! Post a link back to your website, too.
  14. Post a quote about spring. We love this one: “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” ―Margaret Atwood
  15. Post an article that gives spring cleaning tips. Fans and followers will enjoy this one! (If you have blogged about this, post your blog instead!)
It is easy to forget to log into Facebook and Twitter when the weather is brightening up, but doing so is critical. You do not want to strand your fans and followers this spring! If you are stumped on content, always come back to this page – these ideas are sure to put your brain in a social media state of mind. Happy spring!

Do Emergencies and Social Media Mix?

As an insurance agent, you are dedicated to serving the community with protective products, especially during emergency situations. But how can your customers reach you easily? By phone call? By going to your office? What about through social media? Thinking about easier methods for your clients to reach your services when an emergency arises may help prevent accidents and injuries, as well as provide those in need assistance right away.

Monitoring your social media accounts regularly and often is important in maintaining an engaged audience. This can also help you respond promptly should an emergency arise and someone is looking for help. By having an open door policy when it comes to your Twitter or Facebook account, this can allow your clients to trust your business as well as provide them with ongoing contact, which can improve preparedness should a future crisis occur.

Although fans and followers can utilize social media for support during difficult times, it is important to also encourage them to reach out to officials. If a fire or theft occurs, sending out a Tweet may not help in the moment. Calling 911 and communicating with the local police or fire station can result in immediate help. However, after the situation is dealt with, letting your insurance customers know they can reach out to your agency for claims support can let them know you care about their needs and are available to them all day, every day.

Facebook and smart phones can be handy tools when dealing with emergencies. But certain etiquette should be followed in order to make a bad situation better instead of worse. Let your audience know they should think twice before sending out a message that could cause major panic. Your job as an agent is to keep the situation calm and collected, finding them the best solution possible.

Train your social media team to respond in a professional manner that reinforces trust and loyalty in your agency. If there is a common emergency that occurs in your area, such as flooding, provide the general public with factual information that can help create preparedness strategies. The idea is to enable them, in case of emergency, with all the information required to avoid disaster. As you know, in the insurance world, safety comes first!

Blog Away the Whole Month of May!

Blog away all May – that is our motto here! Keeping up with your blogging schedule may start to get tougher as the months get warmer. However, it must be done! To help you along, we have another 10 topics to tackle.
Without further adieu…
#1: The month of May is National Blood Pressure Month! This will make for a great health insurance post.
#2: Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. You can blog about the holiday’s history, party safety tips, party ideas and much more.
#3: May 8th is World Red Cross Day. Dedicate a blog post to this amazing organization. You can share ways that your community can get involved and support a local Red Cross facility.
#4: Many homeowners may begin to clean out their pools for the summer season during this month. Write up a post offering cleaning tips and pool safety. If you want to relate this post to insurance, you can discuss pool liabilities. Example post: The Pros and Cons of a Pool on Your Property
#5: Prom season has arrived! Many parents may be worried about their teen driving to and from the prom. Ease their worries with a helpful post about safe driving tips.
#6: May is National Barbecue Month. It’s time to break out the grill! Hey, not so fast – write a blog about grill safety tips to ensure a safe grilling season for all.
#7: Many young adults are graduating from college. Now is a good time to focus on renters insurance – many may be finding a place of their own instead of moving back home.
#8: Summer weddings will be coming up! Dedicate a blog post to wedding tips, advice and ideas. You can even incorporate your wedding or newlywed insurance solutions.
#9: May 15th is National Employee Health and Fitness Day. Many businesses take health initiatives serious to keep employees in tip top shape. Consider writing a post that will give business owners ideas to improve health in the workplace and of course, link it to group health benefits and perks!
#10: May 31st is World No Tobacco Day. This is a great excuse to blog about the harmful effects of tobacco and smoking cigarettes. You can write tips to quit or tie this day into life insurance. Those who smoke will pay a higher premium!
Do you have any genius ideas for May blog posts? We want to hear about them! Be sure to leave us a comment before you head off to write your own post. Also, come back in a few weeks for MAY SOCIAL!

Treating Your Employees and Customers like Family

Do you have a workplace culture that values both your employees and your customers? It is important to show all those that are dedicated to your services that you care about them. So why not treat them like family? Encouraging a family-like atmosphere can allow for more productivity, create warmth in the office, and enhance your overall service.
Wondering how you can learn to treat your employees and clients like family? Here are some principles you can use to lead your team and better support your community:

  • Establish open communication by holding regular meetings and having a open door policy with employees. In addition, find reasons to celebrate as a team and ensure all members are included.
  • Don’t run your insurance agency like it is made up of robots. Allow your staff to have breaks, recharge, and reconnect as a team. This can be a form of “family time”, which can extend outside of work and into social events.
  • Show your agents and customers that you genuinely care about their needs.
  • Take the time to listen to everyone, understand their objectives, and help them remain engaged.
  • Treat employees fairly and provide them with support so they can feel empowered and confident when serving clients.
  • Strive for happy customers and happy employees so a great customer experience can always be delivered from your agency.
  • As a leader, you should also take ownership and responsibility for your actions to show everyone is on the same playing field. Being accountable for your own performance can make others feel more comfortable working with you.
  • Lead with kindness and intention by having everyone’s back and always offering a helping hand.
Performance is based on a variety of standards, but understanding what it takes for your agency to become a close knit family can translate into satisfied customers. Defining what your company stands for can help establish expectations. These core values should be embraced in order to build a trusted culture that is fair and inviting for customers. Doing so can help operations run more smoothly, efficiently, and feel much more meaningful!