Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Treating Your Employees and Customers like Family

Do you have a workplace culture that values both your employees and your customers? It is important to show all those that are dedicated to your services that you care about them. So why not treat them like family? Encouraging a family-like atmosphere can allow for more productivity, create warmth in the office, and enhance your overall service.
Wondering how you can learn to treat your employees and clients like family? Here are some principles you can use to lead your team and better support your community:

  • Establish open communication by holding regular meetings and having a open door policy with employees. In addition, find reasons to celebrate as a team and ensure all members are included.
  • Don’t run your insurance agency like it is made up of robots. Allow your staff to have breaks, recharge, and reconnect as a team. This can be a form of “family time”, which can extend outside of work and into social events.
  • Show your agents and customers that you genuinely care about their needs.
  • Take the time to listen to everyone, understand their objectives, and help them remain engaged.
  • Treat employees fairly and provide them with support so they can feel empowered and confident when serving clients.
  • Strive for happy customers and happy employees so a great customer experience can always be delivered from your agency.
  • As a leader, you should also take ownership and responsibility for your actions to show everyone is on the same playing field. Being accountable for your own performance can make others feel more comfortable working with you.
  • Lead with kindness and intention by having everyone’s back and always offering a helping hand.
Performance is based on a variety of standards, but understanding what it takes for your agency to become a close knit family can translate into satisfied customers. Defining what your company stands for can help establish expectations. These core values should be embraced in order to build a trusted culture that is fair and inviting for customers. Doing so can help operations run more smoothly, efficiently, and feel much more meaningful!

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