Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May the Month of May Bring Interesting Social Topics!

New month, new social media topics! I’m here with another round of social media ideas.
1.       Kick off the month of May with a quote! Example: “The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.” -Edwin Way Teale
2.       May the 4th be with you! Post a picture or movie quote for all of your Star Wars fans.
3.       May 4th CALL TO ACTION: Star Wars or Star Trek? THINK FAST!
4.       Cinco de Mayo deserves a post! Why not post a recipe for one of your favorite Mexican dishes?
5.       What are you blogging about this month? Whatever it is that you are writing about, be sure to share it on your Facebook and Twitter page.
6.       CALL TO ACTION: How are you getting in shape for summer?
7.       Oh, summer love! Summer weddings are very popular. Take this opportunity to showcase your wedding and newlywed insurance packages. Provide a link back to your website!
8.       May 8th is World Red Cross Day. Be an advocate and promote the organization on your social media pages. You may encourage locals in the community to donate or volunteer this month.
9.       Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th! Remind your fans and followers to get their mothers a heartfelt card.
10.   May 16th is Wear Purple for Peace Day. Your agency can participate in this and encourage others to do the same. Be sure to take pictures around the office and post them, too!
11.   May is National Photograph Month. Take a few artsy pictures around the office and post them on Facebook!
12.   Happy Memorial Day on May 27th!
13.   Insurance Reminder: Is your boat insured for the summer season? Now would be a good time for clients to check-in. Include a link to your website.
14.   Is your office decorating for spring? Take photos around the office and post them. This is a nice way to give clients and potential clients a sneak peek into your office life. Company culture posts are great!
15.   Since is it National Barbecue Month, post one of your favorite BBQ recipes.
Now that you have the hot topics for the month, it’s time to sign on and get social. If any of your posts receive multiple likes, shares, RTs or hits, be sure to share your success in the comment section. We love to hear about what’s working!

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