Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Encouraging Your Insurance Agents to Follow their Passion!

Do you know what your insurance agents are passionate about? If you run an agency that has a family like atmosphere, then you should understand what each person enjoys doing and how that affects their work. Customer service and community building can only be strengthened if everyone on your team is engaged and loves what they do.
Encouraging your agents to follow their passion can help inspire them to continue growing and learning about the industry. As technologies, services, and clients change, it is important to keep track of the goals of the agency and understand how that relates to your employees. Here are some tips to create a climate that will motivate your team to do their best work and follow their dreams in the process:

  • Care about the concerns and desires of your employees by taking the time to talk to them.
  • Excite your employees by establishing a community vision that has a purpose and clear goal.
  • Be a role model by maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Communicate with everyone respectfully to continue building strong relationships within the agency.
  • Provide employees with the opportunity to be creative. This will challenge them and help them stay motivated.
  • Show that you care about your employees’ success by providing them with trainings and opportunities for growth.
  • Help everyone find a suitable work/life balance. The last thing you want is for them to become burnt out and struggle with their work.
  • Engage their hearts by helping them fulfill their purpose and by showing them appreciation.
  • Establishing this kind of connection can help them discover their passion.
  • Listen to the ideas and suggestions your team presents to you with an open mind.
  • Offer constructive feedback regularly and ask for feedback so everyone can improve.
As a leader, you must be inspiring to your employees. The level of engagement you establish with your agents will help everyone achieve their goals. In addition, your clients will notice the difference and feel much more comfortable working with an insurance agency that is passionate about their work and lives. Discovering what strengths everyone brings to the table can help your business move towards a future that is bright and positive!

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